Friday, July 13, 2007

Yarn Porn Friday and two Finished Objects

Here is some hand-spun yarn I bought from E-bay about 10 years ago. It's undyed too. I'm going to mix it with this:

The Watercolor Socks are finished. I know I started these this calendar year. They sat partially completed in the pile of UFO's for a while. The Fetching Glovelets are also finished. The only thing worse than knitting with black yarn is trying to take a picture of it. These are a quick project. I really wanted to cast on for the KP&SC, but then I thought that I would finish another project out of the pile of UFOs. Then, maybe it will be okay to start another project.

So, out of the dregs I bring you the Hyde Park Pullover. The cats are already competing to sleep on it.
Tonight, we are making kabobs.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Damndable Bastard

I couldn't post yesterday. My wrist is hurting me. I have Osteopenia, which is the beginning of Osteoporosis. I spent most of the past year in an air cast because my foot kept getting fractures. I sure hope I don't have a fracture in my wrist. Typing is hard. Knitting is hard. Cooking is hard.
I'm wearing a brace. I didn't wear it while working today and it hurt like crazy this afternoon. I'm afraid it will slow me down.
Yesterday was my Caitlin's birthday. Happy, happy birthday. You've given me so much joy.
I'm SO close to finishing the Watercolor socks. But, alas. No knitting.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Chanel-ish Cardigan Jacket is finished. I ended up have a little more than five yards of the grey yarn.

Maybe I should have trusted Knit Pick's site. But, a line from animal House kept ringing through my head, "You fucked up. You trusted us." So, I'll have an extra skein of grey arriving on Tuesday. I started this sweater in November of 2006. I set it down to get some Christmas knitting done. That' when it went to the Stall Wall.

Sam went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday while I was working and brought back some blueberries and a ginormous head of cabbage along with the tomatoes and corn I sent him after. We had grilled corn on the cob, Cole slaw, and grilled sausages for dinner. I only used half of the head of cabbage and ended up with a plethora of slaw.

Sam requested a Blueberry Cheesecake, which I made today. I used Barbara's Universal Cheesecake recipe. I've been obsessing over her recipes. Every single one has been a winner.

I also baked some bread using this recipe. It was a gloppy mess. I thought for sure it would be a flop. But, it turned out well. Next time, I'll remember to use the no-stick foil instead of the kitchen towels it calls for. I'm soaking my towels right now because the dough stuck to everything that was near it.

I've also started on this rye bread. It takes several days to make because you have to make a rye sour. I hope it turns out well because rye bread is my favorite.