Friday, May 16, 2008

It's finally here in all the glory

My sabbatical just started. I'm off work until the first week in July. Woot!
I haven't had much to post about the last few weeks. The weather has been gross here in the Midwest. We lost our power this past Saturday in a wind storm. And the dang furnace had to be turned on a few times because it was so cold. We just never seemed to have more than one sunny day.

All of this left me quite grumpy.

All I could say over the last few weeks was:

It was cloudy today, so I couldn't take any pictures.
I feel grumpy.
I can't wait until my sabbatical.

Boring, huh?

Spinning is coming along great. I went to a teeny Fiber Festival this past weekend and purchased quite a bit of raw wool. I've spun some of it in the grease. But, the big plan is to wash and card it during my time off. I found out I can rent a drum carder from either the Fiber Guild or the Weaver's Guild. So, that's what I'll do with this wool. If I like it, I'll look into purchasing a drum carder.

I have an appointment at the salon for a cut and color tomorrow. Then, I'll set up an appointment to get my tootsies in order using the spa dollars I got at Xmas. CSA starts up Wednesday. The crappy weather is behind us. It's all good.

Because of my grumpiness, I didn't feel much like any complicated knitting. I've got another pair of plain stockinette socks on the needles. And I've cast on for a plain garter scarf using recycled sari silk. I'm knitting it horizontally rather than vertically. Gotta love garter.

I hope to keep you updated on how I spend my time off.