Friday, July 6, 2007

Happy Birthday, John

Today is John's 22nd birthday. Have a happy and safe time tonight, my love.
Today I went to the Pawn Shop and got the bright blue electric guitar with Dustin. We also went to a great Asian market. They even have chicken feet available, which I will buy the next time I make chicken stock. Barbara says they are the best.
Last night, I worked on weaving in the ends on the Chanel-ish Cardigan Jacket. And I'm over half-way done with the crab-stitch edging. I really don't know whether I'll have enough of the grey yarn, so I ordered more today. It pisses me off that I used the yarn calculator at Knit Pick's and it wasn't enough. Though, I wonder if I'll have two inches of they grey yarn left when I'm done and she will have been spot on. I just didn't want to risk it.
Joms knocked my iron off the ironing board and wrecked it. Little bastard. I had to buy a new one at Target so I can steam the sweater.
Tonight, we are having grilled chicken with salad. We bought a lot of good stuff to put in the salad. It's getting so that it's too hot to do a lot of cooking.
I'll work tomorrow. I hope to get the Chanel-ish Cardigan Jacket completed and some pictures taken of it and the other finished objects.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sending out an SOS

I just found out that Annie Modesitt's husband, Gerry, is in need of help. Here is the link. Help if you can.

The Long Run.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Independence Day

I decided to reserve today for working on the Chanel-ish Cardigan Jacket for Tate's birthday. I was a little nervous about the Finishing. As I sipped my coffee, I read some of my favorite Blogs. I thought it was serendipitous that Marilyn is posting about the art of Finishing. I agree whole-heartedly that knitters should embrace the art of Finishing.

I read her 10 Rules for a Healthy Finishing ‘Tude and went on my merry way. I decided to blow off removing the cats and the Beagle. Boy spends most of his time sleeping, so I figured he wouldn't be a nuisance. Oh, but I was wrong. Every time I got out of my chair he would sit in it. And then he had to pick up the pins from my magnetic pin cushion and throw them on the floor. The Beagle interrupted me a zillion times having to be let out to chase the squirrels. So, Marylin is right. Get those little bastards out of the way.

Marilyn also mentions to NOT start another sweater until you have finished your current sweater. I'll have to take this one to heart. That's probably why I have so many UFO's. Even as I was seaming up those sleeves today, I itching to cast on for a cardigan.

I got both sleeves set in using Queer Joe's excellent tutorial. And the sleeves are seamed up. I'm currently working on the crab-stich crochet edging. I learned to crochet from my mother way before learning to knit. I haven't picked up a crochet hook in years. So, it's slow going. I feel like I'm all left hands.

Sam smoked a brisket today and I made Charros. We were going to grill corn on the cob, but another storm has hit us. The beef and beans were done just about the same time the storm hit. So, I'll just boil the corn.

I'm just about done with the watercolor socks. I'm decreasing for the toes. And I cheated and stared another pair of Fetching glovelets using Rowan Calmer. I found Grumperina's tutorial on cabling without a cable needle, which made making the glovelets a lot easier.

Earlier in the week, I found my partially complete Branching Out scarf and tried to dive right in. I was having trouble with the pattern and then my yarn got all kinds of knots in it. I figured, forget it, there's no use in getting all frustrated. So, off to the Frog Pond.

Have a safe and happy holiday. And as I told my son, John, yesterday, try not to blow your fingers off.