Thursday, January 17, 2008

25 Things I Never Get Tired Of

I was reading some of my favorite blogs when I found that some people were posting a list of 25 things they never got tired of. I thought this was a spin on a gratitude list worth giving a try. So, here is mine. Not in any particular order.
1) Laughing with my kids
2) Casting on for a new project
3) Hot tea in the morning
4) The smell of freshly cut grass
5) Cats purring
6) Reading cookbooks
7) Listening to Joni Mitchell’s music
8) Chips and salsa
9) Going to the farmer’s market
10) Fresh tomatoes straight from the vine
11) Browsing through yarn shops
12) Joy perfume
13) Trying a new recipe
14) Teasing my coworkers
15) The ocean
16) Making things for my kids
17) Long, hot baths
18) A fire in the fireplace
19) Happy Hour with my coworkers
20) Wagging dog tails
21) The first sign of Spring
22) Sleeping in on the weekends
23) Watching people
24) Buying magazines
25) Tuberoses