Saturday, October 13, 2007

Awful, Harrible Rainy Day

It's been raining like crazy. The worst part is that Piddles hates the rain. I tried and tried to get her to go pee, but no luck. After making her stand in the rain (and listening to her cry) she promptly came in an pooped on the floor. I felt like a monster. She spent the entire morning in her Xpen whimpering.
The Overtime Project is back on again. Seems they still don't have enough warm bodies. So, I'll be doing OT until the end of the month. It's taxing in some ways, but I do like the money.
I've worked on the KF socks this week and the crochet blanket. The blanket is a cat magnet. If I set it down, I'm sure to find a fat cat slumbering on it when I return. I've also been spending some time entering my stuff on Ravelry. But, I figure it's going to take a LONG time, so I might as well get some actual knitting done instead of entering info about it.
I think I'll make the BLT salad for dinner tonight.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

After spending quite some time logging in my knitting information to Ravelry over the weekend, I decided to clean out my office/studio. I was ruthless. I decided to face the fact that there were some knitting projects that I didn't even want to salvage. I would never wear them, I could not for the life of me remember where I was on the pattern, I hated the yarn now. So, into the trash they went. I took quite a bit of time, but now it's spotless. (The closet is jammed packed and harrible, but the room is clear.)

Last night, we made pork tenderloin, sauerkraut with apples and bacon, and fried green tomatoes. They had all the sample tables out at Whole Foods when we were shopping. One of the tables had samples of sauerbraten and braised red cabbage. It was delightful. I'm definitely going to make that soon. It's nice to see all the fall produce again. I also worked on the crochet blanket. It's about 2 feet wide now. Only 8 more to go. I went to the Wild Oats in the suburbs to buy apples and blueberries to make spiced blueberry applesauce today. The store had hardly any merchandise in it. When I was checking out, the checker told me the store was closing. Bummer, because Whole Foods doesn't have a juice bar. I always liked having the two stores because they carry different things.