Thursday, October 25, 2007

To the Frog Pond it Goes, Bye-bye Pi

I've decided to rip out the Pi Shawl. I made a stupid mistake with the lace. And after going through Ravelry, I've determined that I have nowhere near the yardage I need to make the shawl. And it would just look crappy to add something else to this hand dyed yarn.
It's always funny to me to see the reaction that my non-knitting friends have with ripping knitting out. They simply cannot believe it. But I just don't see the point of keeping on after a big mistake because it will always bug me. Or I won't wear it. Then, what's the point? I definitely like the pattern. I'll have to scour my stash to see if I have the yardage in a different yarn.

I've been reading other knitter's blogs about going to Rinebeck, which is the NY Sheep and Wool Festival. It's held every year the third week in October. Someday. Someday.

Recently, I've noticed that the Beagle has been acting funny after walks. At first she wouldn't be able to make it up on the couch on the first try. Then, getting down she looked stiff. Today, she fell up the step coming in the house from the back yard. Both the front and the back legs gave out. She's not all that old. I'd say 6. She can still put her legs out behind her when stretching out, so it's not her hips. I'm not exactly sure what to do about it. I realize she needs to take some weight off. I already have her on low calorie dog food. But, I guess I'm going to have to eliminate any treats or scraps. I think I will continue taking her on walks for now, just so she can lose some weight and gain strength. Maybe she needs a low dose of aspirin for the joints. I'm not ready to go through the downward spiral thing again. It seems it hasn't been that long since I lost my last dog.