Friday, August 29, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

The We of Me

Without going into too much detail, my marriage is ending. Shit happens and then things change.

Outside of all that crap, I've been spending some time spinning. And dyeing. Part of the Wednesday night spinning group is getting together at a local Saturday market to sell our hand made fibers. I sold my first hand spun yarn this past Saturday. (After my booth fee, I was in the green 50 cents.) But, who wants to buy wool when it's 100 degrees? I figure business will pick up when things get cooler. It's nice to sit with the gals on Saturdays.

I've enjoyed my dyeing and spinning so much I'm contemplating canceling my Spunky Eclectic fiber of the month club. I'm still on the fence.

I'm also making my first pair of socks using my own hand spun yarn. I've always wanted to do that. They are fairly thick. But, I figure I'll get better at spinning sock weight yarn.

I've been enjoying the CSA booty. My cooking has changed since it's just me now. So, I don't go to near the trouble I did before. Simple is good right now.

It's been very rough and rocky. But, my friends and family have been so supportive. And for that I thank you.

It's good to be back. Pictures soon.