Sunday, February 3, 2008

Where did I go?

I haven't posted in a while because I really haven't gotten that much done. Here it is February and I haven't got one single FO to share. How embarrassing. I'm still working on the clown socks. I've cast on a second pair of socks with the Snow Squal yarn. There were several attempts at casting on for a project other than socks using that yarn, but none of them really pleased me. I ripped out the black Koohaas. Instead I'm making a Rollin' Beret for me. So, I guess I've been casting on and ripping out. One step forward and two steps back. And then there are all my other UFOs marinating on the UFO basket. These days, I've been doing a bunch of non-fiber related annual hassle type things like getting the animals' vaccinations and licensing, car tag renewal and other groady things. (And who really wants to hear abou that?) Hopefully, I can get a bunch of the things off the needles in February.

If all things go as planned, I should have May 17th through July 6th off. I'm planning on being in Victoria June 1 through 10 too.

Today seemed like a good day to make a big pot of chili.

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