Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Playing with String

The knitting in finished for the Nikko Wrap. It has 110 lengths of yarn and 55 lenghts of embroidery floss used for the fringe. Needless to day, working with this string was highly entertaining for the Boyz. I have been shooing cats off left and right. Now to add the embellishments.

I went to the craft store to buy the embroidery floss for the wrap and some Patons Soy Wool Stripes made it's way into my cart for the Eleanor Scarf from Scarf Style. A cheaper alternative to the yarns most widely used. Noro Silk Garden is gorgeous. But, far to expensive and hard to come by. No manufacturer has come close to the Noro yarns. But, I've seen some of the Eleanor scarves online, and this will do just fine.

The starter for my own sourdough bread seems to be coming along just fine. Messy, but fine. It might be ready for making bread by the weekend.

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