Saturday, November 17, 2007

Girl's Night In

It appears that Saturday nights are a solo gig for the Suzinator. Girl's Night In! Sam is studying a new computer system language, or something.
We went out for sushi late in the afternoon at Whole Foods and I brought back a salad for later.
I worked overtime again today. And I also went to a fiber artist sale. I found some interesting things about spinning. That will be the next thing I lose myself in. (If only I was more co-ordinated.)
I've finished the dog sweater. It doesn't make sense to post pictures at this point. Once I receive pictures of it being modeled, it will be far more effective.
Caitlin sent me an email asking for felted slippers this week. So, I've got them on the needles, and I hope to mail the knitted gifts soon. Then, I cast on for The Black Pearl! I bought some hand spun hand dyed yarn for it today.
Man, I cannot believe Thanksgiving is almost here. I have not done any prep for that at all.

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