Sunday, January 20, 2008

3 Day Weekend

It's a three day weekend for me. Yay.
My plan was to spend the majority of my time cleaning like a banshee. When I separated from my ex-husband about ten years ago, I spent most evenings going through the clutter. He is a huge pack-rat. I got the garage and basement all organized. I've noticed I've gotten kind of slack since the kids moved out and now my crap and Sam's crap has been piling up. So, I wanted to go through stuff and reorganize. I've been going through stuff and chucking it or boxing it up to donate and getting everything as neat as a pin.
I returned two tops my MIL gave me for Christmas and had a $110 credit at Dillards. I high-tailed it to the housewares department. Normally, it would take me about 3 minutes to blow through that at a kitchen store like Williams Sonoma. But, this place didn't have that great of a selection. It took us a long time trying to find something suitable to get. I ended up getting a rice cooker and an immersion blender.
I found myself taking a break from all the cleaning by knitting on socks. I'm just using a plain sock pattern. However, I am using the Magic Loop method and it is going very fast. This yarn is too bright for anything but that. It's very soothing to knit socks. And this bright colourway is just what the doctor ordered. It has been so cold and gray these days.

I discovered that Piddles has chewed the corner of the carpet in the family room. I'm not upset about it because my plan is to replace this awful carpeting with some type of Pergo flooring. Hopefully, this Spring. The dogs just make too much of a mess to have carpeting.

We are making a huge pot of chicken stock. I roasted the chicken pieces and the aromatics before getting them into the pot. It should make a nice rich stock.
My mom's condition seems to be stabilizing. She went to the doctor on Friday and had a blood test. They still haven't figured out how or why she is losing blood.

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