Monday, January 21, 2008

One down

I finished one of the clown socks. I never would have purchased this colourway on my own. It was my first shipment from the Spunky Eclectic Sock Yarn Club. I decided to be a good sport about it and knit it up anyway. I wondered if I was out of touch and these types of colors are actually fashionable. Dustin remarked that he liked the socks when I was knitting on them when I was over at my parents' house yesterday. So, maybe it is cool and I'm just an old fart. However, I hope that my next shipment is more of a subdued colorway.

I've been trying to have Natto and rice for breakfast each morning. It's incredibly cheap, filling and about 330 calories. My fascination with Natto is that it is supposed to help prevent osteoporosis, which my mother has been ravished by. The Japanese have Natto with rice for breakfast. The Japanese also have a very low osteoporosis rate. And when you think about it, the Japanese don't use a bunch of dairy products in their cuisine. They have to be getting the calcium somewhere. About a year ago, I was diagnosed with osteopenia, which is the early stage of osteoporosis. The doctor put me on Actonel, and I was pretty good about taking it for about 6 months or so. I am a little wary of the medication because the long-term effects of taking it can cause a degeneration of the jaw. This last time my mother was in the hospital, they took her off Fosamax as they wondered if some of her swallowing issues were caused by the drug. She's been on Fosamax for about 10 years now. So, I'm trying to have Natto once a day in hopes that I can avoid getting worse. This meant a little shopping trip to the local Asian grocer today so that I could stock up on Natto. I also purchased Soba Noodles for my lunch today. I used this recipe and it was very good.

I put the stock in containers and have it all in the freezer. I forgot what a gigantic mess making stock is. I really didn't want to spend the majority of my day off in the kitchen. But I also don't want to start the work week with a messy kitchen. I should probably go clean my office. But, the second sock is calling me.

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