Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Joy of Sox

I am not a monogamous knitter. Socks are great for that. When you tire of one, you can switch from one partner to the other. Currently, I have three pair on the needles. A threesome. I’m such a ho.

Many of my friends don’t understand the allure of handmade socks. Ah, but until you’ve worn a pair you cannot comprehend the sheer private luxury of a perfect fitting sock. And they are a fun knit. Depending on the yarn, you can add a stitch pattern to the leg and the front of the foot.

I finished the first of the Snow Squall socks today. The wrinkle about socks is finishing the second one. One of my friends advised, “So. Make them all different.” Now there’s a thought. There is a quirky gal at work that showed me that she bought some designer socks. The socks are sold in sets of three and all are different and yet coordinate. Though I made the second circus sock identical, I think I’ll embrace making each sock unique from time to time.

Happy VD.

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