Sunday, February 17, 2008

Long Weekend, Part 2

Another long weekend. Aaah. Today was my second Saturday.

Yesterday, I went to Cottage Fiber for a Spinning lesson with my wheel. Another woman was there for a lesson at the same time. This is going to take lost of practice as you have to move your feet separately and your hands separately. It’s kind of like riding a bike. I’m really awful at it right now. But, if I keep practicing, I know I’ll have my Aha! moment.

We made New England Clam chowder and fish sandwiches for dinner last night. The clam chowder was wonderful. A definite repeat.

It was busier than I’d seen it at Cottage Fiber. Customers came and went. I got some needle felting supplies and doodled around with that.

I found out that Noro has a new sock yarn. I must have it. It’s crazy since I already have three socks going right now. I’m on the home stretch on the Clown socks, though. I added some embroidery to my coat. I finished the Chinese New Year beret. It is very floppy.

The puppy was up at 4:45 this morning. I hustled her off to the Exercise pen but, it was too late. I was awake. What is most annoying is that she comes to the door but won’t come in. So, I have to stand there coaxing her in with the door open several times. Hoo boy, I want to smack her.

The part for the dishwarsher is on back order. The damn thing will be another five business days. UGH.

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Kim said...

Keep at the spinning. The more you spin the better you get. I think your white handpsun looks great. I love that you use your dog as a hat model! Nice hat too. Is he/she a basset hound or a beagle?