Thursday, April 10, 2008

Glorious Night

Wednesday Spinning Night needs to be renamed Glorious Night. I was ready to go about an hour early last night, so decided to grab a bite at Whole Foods beforehand. I picked up a salad and a small cup of cream of asparagus soup. It was lovely. They had a different type of salad dressing there that was just delightful! It is Wild Thymes Meyer Lemon Salad Refresher. I know I've said I've sworn off bottled dressings, but this was light and refreshing. So, I bought some!
Then, it was off to the spinning group. This was the monthly meeting for the KC Fiber Guild, so some gals attended that. Then, a whole bunch of women joined in afterwards. There were lots of spinners and one woman brought a drum carder. And, the shepherd brought her lamb.

My spinning is getting a bit more consistent. I even got a few remarks that I was doing much better. I found out that PJ from Cottage Fiber has a Fiber Club, so I signed up for that. I'm getting pretty sick of spinning the uncolored roving.

I got the Chinese and Indian Cook books in the mail yesterday. Yippee.
I'm up to the heel flap on the Landscape socks. I love this sock yarn. The colors are so pretty.
Tonight, we are having roasted cauliflower with soy-ginger sauce and scallions, roasted salmon, and a simple green salad with the new dressing.
When I drove home from work today, it was blinding sunny AND raining at the same time. Big alligator tears were plopping on the windshield. There was a little boy in the passenger seat in the car in front of me leaning his head out the window trying to catch the drops in his mouth. Spring is in the air.

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