Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another one bites the dust

I finished the Fetching glovelets today. I lost the yarn label a long time ago. I love the color. I'm not sure if I will post a picture or not. There are a few mistakes. Besides, the weather has been really rainy. I'll have to wait until the sun shines again to be able to take a decent picture. As I was finishing, I started thinking of casting on for another pair of glovelets. Silly me. I had to remind myself that I want to complete the backlog of UFOs.

Here is a picture of the Silk Garden Striped Scarf for Dustin.

Sam wakes up incredibly early to go to work and then comes home about a half hour before I'm done with work. After he chills out for a bit, he likes to take a nap. I have decided that this will be the time when I work on finishing up the UFOs. At first it's hard for me to figure out where I am in the pattern. But, once I get going, it's great.

I managed to run outside between rain storms the other day and take a shot of the Noro Kureyon yarn for Caitlin's Kureyon Striped Scarf. It's so crazy here in the Midwest. Raining like hell one minute, and then sunny the next.

I'm not sure which of the many UFO's I'll concentrate on next. Maybe the Hyde Park Pullover.

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