Thursday, August 23, 2007


Yesterday afternoon we had a storm pass through, which was more than likely a microburst. It just came out of nowhere. Don'tcha just love the Midwest? It rained incredibly hard and the wind blew like crazy. Large chunks of hail fell. The whole thing lasted about five minutes. It woke Sam up from his nap. I commented that he almost missed all the excitement, when he pointed put to the front of the house and commented, "No, I didn't."

So, the neighbor's ancient sugar maple split in half and crashed onto our driveway. Good thing we couldn't get the old basketball goal post out, because it saved my car from getting crushed. Amazingly, I only have one tiny dent and some scratches. Oh, and I left the windows open. I'll have to open them and let the thing dry out. I called my insurance company, and the burden is mine. It's called "An Act of God" and it will cause my insurance rates to increase if I make a claim. Thanks, God.

This arrived in the mail yesterday. I've only thumbed through the book, but most of the breads are made using a two-day process. The first day you prepare a soaker and a biga to ferment. On the second day, these are incorporated in another dough. This is much like the Multi Grain bread that I've been making except there is no biga in it. I'm going to make the Multi Grain Struan first.

Last night, I made Lemon Grass Beef over Broken Rice for dinner. Except my rice wasn't broken. It was delicious.

Caitlin arrives tonight around 6:30 p.m. I can't wait to see her. Though, she will more than likely spend her first evening with her brothers and sister, partying like a Rock Star.

The Piddler slept a bit better last night. Going to bed at 10 and then up at 5:30. I put her back in bed after a brief trip outside, and she slept until 7. It occurred to me that my aches and pains may just be from lack of sleep. When I was pregnant with Tate (my fourth) I remember being so incredibly tired that I ached all over. Just like the flu. I was convinced something was terribly wrong, so I went to the doctor. I was certain he was going to tell me I had cancer and that I was going to leave my three kids motherless and the child I was carrying was going to die with me. He just smiled and told me I was just exhausted. It would make sense that some 20 years later, the old body just can't pop back after lack of sleep.

It looks like Nell thinks she is a cat, too.

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