Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Time Off

Today is the first day of many days off from work. Yippee!
I plan on spending today and tomorrow cleaning like a Banshee. I had to take a block of time off this week to wage war against the ants in my kitchen. I walked in there, and they were all over the place. It was disgusting. So, I had an emergency cleaning of the pantry. Everything is contained now. I have tried everything to get rid of ants this summer. Nothing seems to work. I sure as hell don't want them around when I have guests in the house.
Over the past few days I have been obsessing over I loved the green smoothie and then tried and loved the watermelon cooler. Then, I found this recipe. After I used this recipe, I looked up information on Ann Wigmore and found that there are lots of recipes for Energy Soup and you can add different stuff to it. The main thing is to use lots of leafy greens, some sprouts, some seaweed, a fruit, part of an avocado, and Rejuvelac. I didn't know what Rejuvelac was either, but found the recipe on her site. It's now completely finished and ready to bottle. I really like the Energy Soup and have been sipping it for four days now. We'll see if it makes me feel a ton better.
We have also been doing the Colonix program for a little over a month now. And a few days ago I bought some detox foot pads. I had heard that detox foot pads can help you quit smoking, which is one on my goals. However, ever since I've been using the foot pads, my joints have been hurting pretty bad. I'm chalking that up to the detox. Everything was hurting so bad last night, that Sam suggested I take a ginger bath, which seemed to help.
When I first started working from home, I had all these grandiose plans for self-improvement. I must admit I spent the first few months sleeping in. The Beagle has recently put the kibosh on sleeping in. And I get even less sleep now since Nell came into the picture. So, the diet change and detox are now in high gear.
Taking care of a puppy has eaten into a lot of my spare time. I know this won't last forever. They're only puppies for a short time. But, alas, not much to report on the knitting front. I've been working on the KP&S cardigan. I have about 14 inches of the body done. It's supposed to be 25 inches in length. The sleeves, collar band, and button band are added next.

After I get Nell settled for the evening, I've been working on the crochet blanket, too. It's a no-brainer thing to do.
The Beagle and Nell are getting along a little better now. At first they played Keep Away and Tag. Nell always being the chaser. Now, they play a little better, though The Beagle usually tips her over on her back with her paw and sniffs her. And they bark at each other. They will also sleep on the couch together.

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