Saturday, August 18, 2007


The tomatoes we planted by the patio are the ones that seem to be undisturbed by the rabbits and squirrels. I think we can thank the trusty Beagle for that. We planted Italian plums in this area. But, one of the plants turned out to be a cherry tomato plant and the other just a plain tomato. Fine with me. So, I'm making tomato soup. It's nice to have the homegrown tomatoes for this. The ones you buy in the store are always waxed, which is disgusting.

I also made more of the multi grain bread. I added ground flax seed to the grain mixture this time. This loaf turned out huge! I also worked on the sour dough. After reading the recipe a little more carefully, it has to ferment at room temp today and spend the night in the fridge before baking day. I also check out "Beard on Bread' from the library and plan on making a whole grain recipe using whole wheat kernels. Probably later in the week when I have my time off.

Our air conditioner stopped working lat night around 7 p.m. It's amazing how these things ALWAYS break after business hours. We couldn't get anyone out until this morning, so we had to tough it out last night. Fortunately, it was about 78 degrees last night an only around 80 in the house. I was a little hacked off because I replaced the air conditioner around three years ago. I was hoping to avoid having the damn thing break during Kansas August weather. As it turns out, one little piece had worn out and it was a quick and inexpensive fix. Here I was thinking it was going to be hundreds and hundreds of dollars but it was just a little over $100 because of the service call.

Nell (aka The Piddler) was up a lot last night. Man, I was tired this morning. I've figured out it was because of the heat. All of the pets have slept peacefully all day long.

After winding the Bonkers yarn last night, I really wanted to cast on for a new project. I even had Sam choose the next one. But, I stuck to my guns and worked on the KP&S Cardigan today. The Addi Turbo has helped tremendously and the knitting is much easier. I'm a little nervous about the yarn yardage.

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