Saturday, October 6, 2007

Relaxing Saturday

I had a nice birthday. We went out for breakfast at Poco's on the Boulevard and then to Room 39 for lunch. I heard from all the kids, my family and friends. That made me really happy. Then, I made crab cakes for dinner. Sam watched Piddles this morning so I could sleep in. (8 a.m. Woo Hoo.)
In between entering my stash on Ravelry I worked on the laundry and cleaning. Sam tried his best to keep me from doing laundry. (You're NOT cleaning and doing laundry on your BIRTHDAY!) But that kind of stuff doesn't really bother me. Plus, there was a ton of laundry to do. How did I ever survive doing laundry for four kids and a husband? I'm trying to remember. So far, I have 40 yarns stashed. And that's just the tip if the iceberg. I'm sure I'll have well over 100. Yarn is all over the place in the spare bedroom and office. I've been having to unearth all of my yarn in the various hiding spots. It looks like a tornado ran through those rooms.
So, today I'll continue to work on cleaning the house in between entering my knitting data on Ravelry. I wonder who has the largest stash so far... (I'm such a nerd!)

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