Saturday, December 29, 2007


I thought I'd dig through the marination chamber to evaluate all of my Works in Progress (WIP) and give you a peak.

Here we have Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style that I cast on a few days ago. I'm using Paton's Soy Wool Stripes, which is a cheaper alternative to using Noro Silk Garden. I like the colors. And the technique is not hard at all. It would have been nice to use the Noro, but I didn't want to spend over $100 to make a wrap. I'm about 1/8 done.

Next, is the Knitting Pure& Simple Top-Down Cardi. This would have been a fast knit if I hadn't been impulsive and cast on for so many other smaller projects. I'm not sure how I feel about the stripes on this one. The yarn is very thick and I'm planning on wearing this instead of a coat. I've got the body completed and have started on the first sleeve.

The Landscape Earth socks are at a stand-still. And I simply had to have this yarn for my birthday.

The next few projects have really been sitting around. Here is the crochet blanket. I have made this thing too damn big. It's over ten feet long. And it takes for-freeking-ever to do one stripe. I was considering just giving up on this one. But, I received some encouragement from one of my dear co-workers, so I'll plod along on this one. Plus, I think I want to make each of my kids a blanket before I kick the bucket so they can have a keepsake of some sort.

Here is the Ribbi Cardi. This has been sitting around for well over a year. I have the back, the fronts and one sleeve finished. All I have to do is finish one sleeve and put it together.

The blue is a Koigu baby surplice cardigan from Vogue Knitting Spring 07. The sleeve portion is perplexing me. I saw some completed baby cardigans at the KC Fiber Guild's annual sale, so I think I may have figured it out. Then, there is Tate's sock. I just have to graft the toe of the second sock. And last, we have the ruffles scarf. I just need to bind this one off. I slept in late this morning and awoke to the smell of caramelizing onions. Sam had started a pot of French Onion Soup. He loves making it. I'm enjoying a bowl right now.

I've entered 44 projects in my queue on Ravelry. I wonder what Evil Knitting I will complete in 2008.


KnitaSaur said...

Oh, that Ravelry queue . . . they can get big! I love how colorful all of your projects are!

torKNITtoh said...

Hey, Thanks. I'll have to check your queue out. Cheers!