Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hospital Knitting

My Mom has been in the hospital since Thursday. She went to the doc for extreme shortness of breath and was admitted to the hospital for tests. They found that she has esophagitis and is losing blood. She also has extreme anemia. The oxygen level was very low in her blood, which caused the shortness of breath. She's had four blood transfusions. Thankfully, the esphagitis can be treated with medication. However, while she has been in the hospital she contracted a lung infection and is now on antibiotics and breathing treatments.

I've been bringing the Lady Eleanor Wrap with me. And I'm almost 50% finished.
Hopefully, she will be released tomorrow. Next month, she will be 88 years old. But, because she was born on February 29th, she will really only be 22 years old.

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