Friday, March 14, 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel

Sears called yesterday to postpone the part yet again. I went bananas and demanded to speak with a supervisor. I was promised a manager call back. I had been promised that before with no call back, so I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. A few hours later I did receive a call back and they decided to replace the dishwasher and gave us $500 to spend on a new one.
So, we zipped over to Sears and ordered a Bosch. It will be delivered to the store on Monday. A friend of ours will pick it up and install it on Tuesday. Yippee.
The last couple of days I've gotten my crochet on. I dug up the vertical stripe blanket and worked on that in the evenings. I visited Kim's blog and saw she had won a blog contest from Faith. I checked out Faith's profile on Ravelry and she has made the most beautiful crochet blanket, which I added to my queue. I figured I'd better finish the crochet blanket I've started before attempting another blanket. I'm not sure what I'll do with this blanket when I'm done. I've wanted to make each of my kids a blanket as a keepsake. I'm just not sure they would want an acrylic crochet blanket. Dustin and Tate have seen the blanket and gave it a thumbs up. It could be that I'm just a yarn snob.
We've been keeping things simple here for our dinners as of late. I just don't want to generate a crap load of dishes and pots and pans. Last night, we picked up a pizza at Whole Foods to bake at home. We had to dress it up with more ingredients, of course. Before that it was burgers on the grill. Nothing fancy.

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Kim said...

Isn't Faith's Babette blanket the bomb!? That blanket may get me to learn to crochet.