Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to Work

Nell slept all through the night! From 9:45 to 5:15. Not too shabby.
I've learned there are two things I must remember:
1) Lock the door to the exercise pen after Nell leaves. Otherwise, a fat Beagle goes in to steal the chewies and treats.
2) Do not set your knitting down anywhere except the table. Otherwise, Nell finds a way to get it and drag it all over the place.
Yesterday, she got the second Fuzzy Feet slipper off of the foot stool. In like 5 seconds, she had the stitches off the needle and the yarn wrappped around her head. Lucky thing they are made with Lamb's Pride, which is a sticky wool so the stitches were somewhat intact.
We went to Whole Foods yesterday where I found chicken feet. So, I made chicken stock last night. And, yes, I've taken a picture of the feet to email to Caitlin.
I took the Chantix last night before bed and woke up around 4 all nauseated. I don't think I can do coffee this morning. I think I'll wait a bit to take the morning pill when I'm not so queasy.

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