Saturday, September 8, 2007

Short Week

I'm glad it was a short work week. Whatever order and tidiness went to hell in a hand basket. Probably because we cooked some more complicated dinners. I've got to remember to keep it simple stupid during the work week. It just feels like the entire house is a war zone.
Before we got the puppy, there was a balance with the pets. Now, everything is off kilter. I expected it, but sometimes it's a bit much to deal with. The other pets have been acting like I don't pay enough attention to them. I feel like I've been running around making sure that every one's needs are being met, when before it was quite peaceful and simple. I'm sure things will eventually settle down. Eventually.
The exercise pen (XPen) training is going fairly well with Nell. She has to stay in the XPen while I work. I take her out very often to potty etc. And, she eventually stops whining and settles down. The problem is that she starts it all up again when I walk through the room. So, I'm sort of a hostage in my office. I think twice before getting up to get a glass of water, etc. Also, The Beagle has been stealing all of the smaller chewies and treats from her like a vulture.
After work, I've been trying to take her on a walk to run off that Puppy Energy. She won't really walk on her own. She just cries and sits down. Then, I tried taking her with the Beagle. Sheer comedy. But yesterday, we went all the way down the block and up another. Nell likes to hold Daisy's leash in her mouth like she's taking Daisy on the walk. If Daisy didn't pull like a mother it would be wonderful.
We had our kitting club meeting on Wednesday. It had been some time since we had met. One of the gals was making socks using the two circular needle method in Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. I had taken a class to learn this method when the book came out. The class was a flop because the teacher wasn't prepared at all. I left the class thinking that if she couldn't figure it out, then I probably never could either. But, seeing how it was done inspired me, and I cast on for a pair of socks using this. I have over two inches done on the cuff, so it does move a lot faster. I'm a bit annoyed at the dangling resting needle, so I may try the Magic Loop method next, which is just using one very long circular needle. I do love making socks. They are like reading a summer novel. Kind of predictable with just enough to keep your interest.
The one thing I want to do this weekend is go here. However, I need to clean like a Banshee.

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