Sunday, September 2, 2007

Caitlin and Danny left yesterday. Caitlin's flight was first and Danny left later in the afternoon. Danny wanted to treat me to lunch, so we went to the restaurant where Tate works. The food is terrific there. We had a nice time chatting. Then, we checked out some of the shops. While Danny perused the vintage store, I checked out a new yarn store in the Mid-Town area. She's got a pretty good selection. And her prices are good, too. I bought some sock yarn. I also asked her what she would charge if I wanted help with a knitting project, and she said that she would be glad to help anytime, free of charge! I think I'll go there and hang out and knit one of the evenings she's open later. She seemed like a nice woman. Maybe if we got to know each other better, she would let me teach classes or knit up a few samples.
We were tired last night after the girls left. I guess Nell was tired, too, because she slept from 10:30 to 4:30 and then from 4:30 to 6:30. I actually got to sleep in until 7:30 this morning. I made Green Pea and Basil Soup and pork tenderloin with a garlic and balsamic vinegar sauce for dinner.
Today, I'll knit and try to straighten up the office so it will be ready for me on Tuesday. It's getting rather cluttered.

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