Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm so glad the weather has been cool enough to have the windows open. It makes the house smell so good, and the Boyz are happy all day long.

The sock is coming along swimmingly. Now, I'm on the foot section of the sock. And only after one week! I'm glad I have years of making socks on double-pointed needles as the mechanics are easier for me to picture.

Here is how you nab your sister's chewie. Ever so slowly. Oh, and in the end, Daisy was successful. I'm glad that they are getting to the point where they can snuggle. Once they really start sleeping together, it's going to be much easier.

I smoked a pork loin roast today and will serve it with a Carolina style Cole Slaw. I used the electric smoker, so it was pretty hands-off.

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