Tuesday, January 8, 2008

With a side of stress

I spent the majority of last night in the ER with my Mom. I got home in the wee hours of the morning, so I took today off. I was afraid the the Alligator Puppy wouldn't let me sleep. But, she was great. She was content to sleep in her exercise pen with her lovie until late in the morning.
I got to watch hours and hours of awful late night television with my Mom. She made some particularly funny remarks about the erectile dysfunction medication commercials. "Look at the way the women look at the men!" "Now they are sitting in two tubs staring at the sun? How stupid is that?" And then we watched some lengthy infomercial for Mineral Makeup. "Well, of course the 'before' looks bad. They aren't even smiling." I brought my knitting to the ER, but was too tired and stressed out to knit. Ditto this morning. I felt like I had been beaten all over with a ball peen hammer. Later on, I decided to treat myself by casting on for Koolhaas using Malibrigo. I love, love, love this yarn. It's sooo soft. Maybe one day I can make an entire sweater out of this yarn for me. It's such yummy yarn.
Oh, I ended up getting one of the techno-spindles from my sister! It just arrived late. I'm so happy about that. Next, I will take a spinning lesson from the Cottage Fiber Studio.
We found a Chinese restaurant that delivers. Tonight, we will order from them. I plan on taking it easy and going to bed early.

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