Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gray, Gray Thursday

Piddles came out of her surgery well. She’s still groggy. I asked the Vet about this product, and he said it was a good one. We’ve been giving it to The Beagle for less than a week and her legs are less stiff. She’s also not as bitchy.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Next, it’s off to get the passport pictures taken and then apply for the passport.

Sears called AGAIN to report the dishwarsher part is on back order. That was it. I had to call and make a stink. To top it off some phone rep was a jerk to me. Boy, did I let him have it. “Are you smarting off to me, son? Let me speak with your manager.” The end result is I’m receiving a $100 gift card from Sears.

I think I might make Tomato Soup for dinner tonight. I love using the immersion blender. I feel like I’m on Iron Chef.

Keep the comments coming. I’ll have a drawing tomorrow and will post the winner Saturday.


Ratch said...

I am so glad Piddles is doing well!!

torKNITtoh said...

Thank you! She was extremely quiet all day yesterday. Quite a change from the norm.

Kim said...

Sears sucks. When wwe bought our frig from them they forgot to include a piece and it took forever to get it. They weren't very nice about it either. Sears will not be seeing any moreof my money. Glad Piddles is healing up.