Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Friday night we had the traditional Sue ‘n Sam Didn’t Get Fired dinner, which consists of steak, baked potato and Caesar salad. It was nice to have something fairly simple as this week has been trying for me at work.

When they rebuilt my computer, all the settings and macros I use were lost. It’s just been a massive pain in the ass. What normally takes me just a few minutes takes me at least three times as long. And I still don’t have all the programs I use loaded. The work computer people are telling me that it’s my internet connection. Sam says it isn’t. I really don’t know what to do about it. I’m a bit tired of the conflict. Friday, I had to go into the office and work to check if it was my internet connection and they put me at some station that was half the normal size with a giant pole in the middle of it. And I was in the middle of the call center, so I had to listen to kids take thousands of calls all day long. UGH.

I had to spend the majority of Saturday cleaning. The place really needed it. I also spent some time setting up various appointments. The Beagle goes in for a Day of Beauty today. Piddler gets fixed and chipped Thursday. I have a hair cut on Wednesday. In the afternoon, I went to the Grand Arts Gallery where I saw the film Stay the Same Never Change by Laurel Nakadate. My daughter, Tate, is in a major portion of it. She did a great job. The worst part was listening to some jack-off talk about art before the film. I felt like Woody Allen in Annie Hall. It was fascinating to watch someone make downtown Kansas City look so hauntingly beautiful. I was in a haze when I left and saw the beauty of downtown as I drove home at sunset.

I made fish tacos for dinner Saturday. Later, I fiddled around trying to make a prototype pattern for felted shoes/slippers using some of the sweaters I purchased from the thrift store. Then I picked up the long neglected Lady Eleanor stole for a bit.

Today, I hope to spend the majority of the day knitting. Though, the kitchen needs attention again. I’m going to start planning the menu for some guests we will have over for dinner in March. That should be fun. The part for the dishwarsher is still on back order. This time, they tell me it will be here by Thursday and installed on Friday.

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