Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

My Mom is 88 today. But, in Real Birthdays, she's only 22. (She never gets tired of that!) I sent her 2 dozen roses. And she's celebrating all weekend long. That's good, because she's been stuck in her house all winter long.

I finished the Clown Socks. I didn't think I'd like this colourway to begin with, but I really do now.

We went to Costco to try to return my dumb cell phone. But, I've had it too long, so I have to go through Sprint. They tell me a cell phone is only supposed to last two years. Like Joni Mitchell says, nothing lasts for long. We also checked out the flooring, and it is substantially cheaper. What I thought would cost around $800 will end up at around $300. Not much selection, though. I'm not sure the wood types they had will look good. I'll paint the walls before I decide on the floor.

I got my new makeup in the mail today. Maybe I won't look like a hag for my passport photos. I also got a size 0 42" circular needle from KnitPicks.

Tonight, it's grilled tri-tip, hassleback fingerling potatoes, and a salad.

It's sunny and mild--perfect for grilling. All you gals on the East coast: this weather is coming your way. Hang on! Relief is on the way.

The drawing is tomorrow. Thanks for all the comments!


supertee said...

I see you have really taken to the world "hag." :-)

torKNITtoh said...

Yes, I LOVE it. My mom used the word "hag" years ago. You've just brought it back to life again. Especially with Marcia and her insane doings.

pattytrish said...

hi sue, my name is pat. i'm ratch's friend at work. we share the same birthday week (october 3rd), and we knit together all the time. i love the socks that you made! they are gorgeous. you are so blessed to still have your mom around. mine left me when i was in my late 20's, and i miss her so much! i was blessed to have my dad until a year ago, right before he turned 100 years old. i live in bonner springs, and work in mission with janie (ratch).