Tuesday, May 22, 2007

100 Things About Me

I have been knitting on and off for over 35 years.
I have a horrible “startitis” problem.
I love to cook with my husband, Sam.
We rarely eat at restaurants.
I graduated from college in 1980.
With a degree in Theater.
I went on a USO tour for six weeks in Germany my senior year in college.
Then, I wanted to go to Chef’s school.
But, I became pregnant with my son, Dustin.
So, I have an insatiable appetite for cook books, cooking magazines, and cooking blogs
I have four children.
Dustin, age 25.
Caitlin, age 23.
John, age 21.
Tate, age 19.
There was also a fifth child, Not Me.
Not Me was responsible for all the wrong-doings ever committed by my children.
My children have all “flown the coop.”
I haven’t seen Not Me since my kids moved out. Strange
Two of my children are gay.
I’m proud of all of my children.
My main hobby when my kids were younger was sewing.
I loved making hand-smocked dresses and jumpers for my daughters.
I haven’t sewn in years.
I’d like to start sewing again.
My first marriage lasted 18 years.
I was divorced for about 7 years.
I briefly took up acting while I was divorced.
I was in an improvisational comedy group for a couple of years.
I found that I didn’t enjoy acting as much as I did in high school and college so I returned to knitting.
I have been happily married to Sam since July of 2005.
I met Sam at work.
I have worked for a prominent investment company based in Kansas City since 1995.
I am one of two extroverts in a team of over twenty at work.
I love to tease and play practical jokes on the people I work with.
I started tele-commuting (working from home) in December of 2006.
That means I get to work in my pajamas.
I love my job.
The people I work with are a close-knit group.
Our work team has a book club and a knitting group (which I lead).
I have lived in my house since 1984.
My hair started turning prematurely gray in my mid twenties.
Probably from having all of those kids.
I stopped coloring my hair on or about my last birthday, only to discover that it is silver.
I have a happy, fat Beagle named Daisy.
I have two cats, Boy and Joms.
All of my pets were rescued.
I am the only child in my family that had children.
My family gets together every Sunday for dinner at my parents.
We have been having Sunday dinners together since before I was born.
My early childhood was spent in Upper Montclair, New Jersey.
We moved to Kansas when I was going to be in the third grade.
I prefer to eat organic foods.
And drink filtered water.
I do not like sweets.
I do not like lamb.
I love Indian food.
I love spicy foods.
I vote.
I am an animal lover.
I swear.
I avoid the sun.
I have sensitive skin
I bruise easily.
My favorite colors are yellow and red.
My house is yellow with a Chinese red door and shutters.
The main color scheme of the interior of my house is also yellow and red.
My favorite musician is Joni Mitchell.
I also love Leo Kottke.
I do not read the paper
I do not watch the news
I guess that makes me the perfect juror.
I would love to learn how to spin yarn.
I love the ocean.
I am a Libra.
I think goats look like Satan.
I am a yarn snob.
I have collected an insane amount of yarn.
I love to check out lots of books at the library
I love to laugh.
My favorite movie is Annie Hall.
My favorite perfume is Joy.
I’m bad at math.
But, I’ve learned to be much better at math because of my job.
I love to play cards.
I like the WilliamWegman photos of Weimaraners.
I like to sleep late on the weekends.
I don’t like driving on the highway.
I’m no good in an emergency.
I want to go to Italy.
I want to take competitive BBQ judging classes.
I like having people over for dinner.
I have bad dreams a lot.
I have a vivid imagination.
I like yard work.
I like to look in windows of houses while driving by at night.
I like cheating at board games.
I prefer tea over coffee.
Tailgaters piss me off.
I don’t wear a lot of jewelry.

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