Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hanging Out

On Tuesday, my daughter, Tate, asked me if we could hang out on Thursday. I took part of the day off to do so. We had a lovely day. She gave me my Mother's Day card and gift. She likes to make her cards for me, so they are always a special treat. This one had a silly poem:
You gave me my eyes
You gave me my thighs
in the beauty competition, you
would win first prize
She gave me this soap:

We went to a little Mexican place "Pocos's" for lunch. I had the pork in spicy red sauce, rice and beans. Tate had a malted waffle. Then we went thrifting. But, we didn't find anything we really liked. Then, we sat and talked in the family room until it was time for her to get ready for work.

My mother gave Tate and me antique hankies that belonged to my grandmother, who collected them from all over the world. Tate took the colored ones, and I took the white ones. I have a huge stack of them. They are all catalogued with the date they were acquired and the country. We talked about how they should be used instead of stuffed in a box. After all they have already been sitting in a box for well over 60 years. Tate thought it would be cool to sew the hankies together by hand and display them on a wall.
Here is an example of one.
I'm about 50% done with the Noro Silk Garden Scarf:
The weather was cooler today. We made Pasta with Vodka Sauce for dinner.

Sam got the Reverse Osmosis water filter installed, only tofind that the filter had a defec

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