Friday, August 31, 2007

Puppy Disaster

And here I was going to brag about how Nell was good until 6:15 this morning. I guess when I put her back to bed after I took her out at 5:15 or so, I didn't latch the door to the kennel all the way. Consequently, Nell was unsupervised that entire time in my office. I've cleaned up two poops and a piddle. I did a quick survey for greater damage. She had pulled the headset to my phone out, but it does not appear that it has been chewed. Part of the Ribbi Cardi had fallen on the floor, but it, too, was not chewed. The office was the one room that I did not really clean, so now I'll have to go through it with a fine tooth comb. I just hope she didn't chew up computer wires.

The dinner was a success. Lots of food, fun, and family.

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