Sunday, August 26, 2007


I totally botched the bread recipe from Beard on Bread. It called for a total of 9 cups of flour and indicated that it would make two large loaves. It was about all the dough my Kitchen Aid could handle. I decided to divide it into three loaves so I could give two away. I have two metal loaf pans and two loaf pans that are made from that new non-stick plastic similar to Silpat. The non-stick pans are soft sided instead of hard. So, I think my bread falling has to do with the dang pan. Anyway, the loaf that was in the plastic pan fell while I was getting it in the oven. I was so mad at myself that I forgot to lower the oven temp and proceeded to ruin all of the loaves. That's five loaves in two days. Maybe I'd better stick with fiber.
Tate and Caitlin stopped by yesterday. Man, it was good to see Caitlin. She looks great. She has picked up some "Canada-isms" and she ends her sentences on an up note, like the Canadians do. Kind of like ending each sentence with a question mark. She's so happy and you can tell that by the way she looks. I asked her what she thought of my undyed hair and she replied with, "It takes some getting used to." I would interpret that as a thumbs down. But then, the kids kind of want me to stay the same.
I showed them all of the projects on my needles (except the secret project because Tate will be the recipient) and Tate loved the crochet blanket. I was surprised by this. I was thinking that it was sort of tacky because it's made with acrylic yarns. But she loved the colors etc. She also likes the Nikko Wrap. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and add more beading.
We made pizzas last night. Mine was a tomato, basil and cheese pizza and Sam's was a sausage, pepper and onion pizza. I crashed on the couch at 7:30 and moved to bed around 1. So, Sam put Nell to bed last night. Nell was up at 3:30 but I put her back to bed after going out. She slept until 5:30 when Sam took over, so I slept until around 7 today. Man, I was tired. I feel so much better today.
The Things They Carried is about the Vietnam War, and at times I find myself thinking about the book. Now that we have two dogs, the back yard is getting a bit tricky to navigate what with the land mines. I've dubbed it Saigon.
I think I'll stay out of the kitchen today and concentrate on knitting. At least my knitting won't collapse and burn.

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