Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday Puttering

Yesterday, I avoided housework and cooking. Maybe I should reserve every Sunday for fiber filled fun. We went out for lunch at an Indian buffet.

I got all the fringe attached to Nikko and the bugle bead edging done. Now it's just a matter of adding beads and embellishments to the fringe. I had help, too.

I brought Nell to my parents' house for Sunday dinner. We had dinner on the deck. There were Citronella candles burning and I had to make a mad dash to keep Nell from falling off the deck. I was careless about where I set my needles down. Subsequently, the tip of one of my bamboo needles got burned off. Bummer.

The Beagle has started playing with Nell more. She was glad to see her when I came home after dinner.

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